Saturday, June 27, 2015


安装odroid系统ubuntu 14.04在sd卡上,首先还是要确定sd卡的erase block size等参数来确定分区参数。这里使用的是sony的sr32uya/tqmn。
weiyuan@linux-lnhx:~/Downloads/flashbench-linaro> sudo ./flashbench -a /dev/sdb  --blocksize=1024
align 8589934592    pre 613µs    on 795µs    post 636µs    diff 170µs
align 4294967296    pre 599µs    on 797µs    post 627µs    diff 184µs
align 2147483648    pre 603µs    on 754µs    post 628µs    diff 138µs
align 1073741824    pre 602µs    on 762µs    post 635µs    diff 143µs
align 536870912    pre 604µs    on 760µs    post 630µs    diff 143µs
align 268435456    pre 606µs    on 756µs    post 639µs    diff 134µs
align 134217728    pre 595µs    on 766µs    post 642µs    diff 147µs
align 67108864    pre 598µs    on 761µs    post 636µs    diff 144µs
align 33554432    pre 609µs    on 768µs    post 642µs    diff 142µs
align 16777216    pre 597µs    on 751µs    post 628µs    diff 138µs
align 8388608    pre 596µs    on 769µs    post 653µs    diff 145µs
align 4194304    pre 593µs    on 762µs    post 638µs    diff 147µs
align 2097152    pre 588µs    on 755µs    post 650µs    diff 135µs
align 1048576    pre 599µs    on 765µs    post 645µs    diff 143µs
align 524288    pre 597µs    on 768µs    post 648µs    diff 145µs
align 262144    pre 591µs    on 748µs    post 637µs    diff 134µs
align 131072    pre 597µs    on 758µs    post 649µs    diff 135µs
align 65536    pre 575µs    on 732µs    post 639µs    diff 125µs
align 32768    pre 580µs    on 734µs    post 628µs    diff 130µs
align 16384    pre 585µs    on 732µs    post 623µs    diff 128µs
align 8192    pre 655µs    on 663µs    post 649µs    diff 11µs
align 4096    pre 693µs    on 700µs    post 687µs    diff 9.71µs
align 2048    pre 721µs    on 724µs    post 711µs    diff 8.34µs

Erase block size is 4M from the results and sony sd card does show quite goood speed compared with previous card.

we cannot simply write the img file of ubuntu simply to the sd card.

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